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Guide You Home

Music Video |5:28|

Still 5_1.3.4.png

Composed by Manasseh N. Amponsah Mixed by Jay Thurling

Drummer - Ellie East

Pianist - Leonardo Ohemeng

Guitarist - Joshua Lessore

Bassist - Demarre

Saxaphone - Deshay Dean

Cello - Haydn Wynn

Directed by Greta Griniūtė

Produced by Daisy Rimmer & Greta Griniūtė

Producer on set - Gwen Counson Cinematography by Ada Wesolowska

1AC - Andrea Di Franco

Production Designer - Victoria Chasiokova

Set Decorator - Stephen Carruthers

Edited by Gem Shekerzade

Movement Coach - Pablo Rubio

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