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Konstantina 2

Put Your Clothes ON

Short documentary currently in post production

From getting dressed in the morning to getting undressed in front of a room full of people, this short doc will examine the life of a Bulgarian burlesque dancer, who takes her clothes off for a living.

Naked bodies are fascinating, but what’s more interesting? The insecurities that the owners of the bodies have. Through talking with Konstantina and finding out what dancing burlesque really means to her, the film will show the surreal realities of dancing in a strip club and how that contradicts the truths of others’ perception of this tabu subject.

No matter how unglamorous and dark the environment of a strip club can be seen, when Konstantina goes on stage to perform, the world disappears completely and it's only her and her naked body left, indulging in the act of dance. It’s true freedom. It’s her meditation.

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